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GORAKH BODH - Hindi - Tamil | by Shailendra Sharma | Giri Publication | Hinduism Book | Soft Cover

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• Gorakh Bodh (Gorak Gnanam), a Yoga book/Classic Guide to Yoga, was written in an ancient Hindi script. The Nath Bhogis (Adi Nath Shiva, the followers of his path, the Nath lineage), have written down these wisdoms as asked by Korak Nath and answered by Matsyendranath.
• In order to keep their training in order, the sishyas who have been initiated by the Guru will speak in a language that only they can understand. Gorak Bodh, written in the so-called "Sandya Bhasha" (the period before dusk sets in) which is difficult to understand or reverse language, is written in such a way that when read aloud it takes on one meaning and another meaning for the devotee.
• "Gorak Bodh", the Yoga book/Classic Guide to Yoga, is written in an ancient form of Hindi which is now obsolete, emphasizes obscure theories about the origin of the universe, which has been revised several times.
• Sri Shailendra Sharma, the author of the Korak Bodh book written in Indian language (Babaji), is the fifth guru in the Guru lineage, and has explained the deep meanings given in the Gorak Bodh Moolam as things that are implicitly given from a Bhogi's point of view.
• The yogi's commentary of the Yoga book/Classic Guide to Yoga along with a revised translation of the Hindi original is also given for high level yoga that has deep effects.