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Sai Baba Dress Set - 5 Inch | Sai Baba Vastra/ Sai Baba Dress for Deity/ Assorted Colour

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• Sai Baba, often referred to as Shirdi Sai Baba was a respected saint and spiritual teacher who lived in the late 19th and early 20th centuries in the Indian state of Maharashtra, in the town of Shirdi. People of all faiths admire him, and he is regarded as an important figure in the Hindu communities.
• Sai Baba is frequently pictured dressed simply and traditionally. His typical attire entails a long, flowing robe called a "kafni" or "kafan" and a piece of fabric wrapped around his head called a "safa" or "pagdi." The garment is often white or saffron in colour, signifying renunciation and purity.
• Sai Baba's understated garb emphasises his stress on inner spirituality above outward looks and his doctrine of detachment from material wealth. Sai Baba devotees frequently strive to dress like him as a display of respect and devotion.
• Although there is a generic picture of Sai Baba's wardrobe, it is important to note that differences in the design and colour of his clothing may occur in various artistic interpretations or according to regional customs and tastes.
• Giri provides an exclusive dress for Sai Baba's Idols. This shimmery red and golden-finished dress set enhances the elegant look of the idols.
• Visit nearby Giri stores and websites to drench yourself in tradition and culture.