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Rangoli Roller Set - 6 x 4 Inches | Rangoli Roller Stencil/ Muggu Roller/ Rangoli Kolam Roller for Floor

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Width Height Weight

4 in

6 in

0.06 kg

• Embrace the beauty of traditional Indian art with our Rangoli Roller, a convenient and innovative tool that brings the vibrant charm of rangoli designs to your home effortlessly.
• This easy-to-use rangoli roller is designed to make the rangoli-making process quick, clean, and delightful.
• Crafted from high-quality hollow steel, the rangoli roller stensil is durable, lightweight, and easy to handle.
• The pipe features two separate compartments, allowing you to fill each compartment with different colored rangoli powders.
• The pipe is equipped with small holes arranged in a pattern. As the roller moves, these holes release the rangoli powder onto the surface, creating intricate and visually appealing designs.
• The pipe is capped at both ends, functioning as wheels when placed on a surface.
• The handle is attached to these caps, providing a comfortable grip and allowing you to control the motion of the roller.
• Using the rangoli roller stensil ensures that your hands and clothes stay clean during the rangoli-making process. Say goodbye to the mess associated with traditional rangoli methods.
• Create beautiful rangoli patterns in no time. The rangoli kolam roller streamlines the process, making it perfect for occasions, festivals, or daily decorations.
• Whether you want to decorate your doorstep, courtyard, or any other flat surface, the rangoli kolam roller is suitable for a variety of spaces.
• Add a touch of tradition and color to your home during festivals, celebrations, or any special occasion.
• Transform your surroundings with the artistry of rangoli, made simple with this innovative tool.