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Srimad Sundara Valmiki Ramayanam - English | by Amman Sathiyanathan/ Hindu Puran

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Amman Sathiyanathan

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• We present to you the highly regarded ramayana book "Srimad Sundara Valmiki Ramayanam - English" by Amman Sathiyanathan which blends a compelling story with deep lessons.
• This hindu puran is regarded as a seminal work of Hindu mythology. The epic tale, penned by the wise Valmiki, recounts the valiant journey of Rama from his regal existence to banishment, his conflicts with the demon king Ravana, and his ultimate victory with the aid of Hanuman and other supernatural entities.
• Although this hindu puran book and oral traditions date considerably earlier, the original Ramayana is thought to have been penned in the fourth or fifth century BCE. 
• The life of Prince Rama of Ayodhya, his wife Sita, and his close companion Hanuman is told in the Ramayana, a hindu religious book. Political intrigue forces Rama to be banished from his home nation, and it is during their banishment that Sita is taken captive by the demon king Ravana. Rama sets off on a valiant expedition to Lanka with the aid of Hanuman and a horde of allies, vanquishes Ravana in a fierce battle, and rescues Sita. Rama takes the throne following their triumphant return to Ayodhya, resulting in an era of righteousness and dharma. South Asian cultural and spiritual traditions are shaped by the Ramayana, which is a symbol of dedication, bravery, and an eternal victory of good over evil.
• The Ramayana book, teaches moral principles, dharma, and the consequences of karma.
• This is more than just a hindu religious book; it is an enduring spiritual book. It portrays themes that are firmly ingrained in Hindu philosophy and society, such as loyalty, devotion, and the victory of goodness over evil.
• The Ramayana never fails to captivate readers with its universal themes of love, sacrifice, and the never-ending quest for justice and the truth, all told via a cast of fascinating characters in this spiritual book.