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Sri Vinayakar Puranam - Tamil | by Karthikeyan/ Hindu Purana

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• Delve into the profound spiritual narratives of Lord Vinayaka with "Sri Vinayakar Puranam/Sri Ganesha Purana", presented by Giri Publications and authored by Karithikeyan.
• This illuminating Sri Ganesha Purana is a treasure trove of mythological stories, teachings, and insights surrounding the revered Deity, perfectly timed for the auspicious occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi.
• Sri Ganesha Purana intricately weaves together the ancient tales, legends, and puranic narratives associated with Lord Vinayaka, also known as Lord Ganesha.
• Authored by Karithikeyan and presented by Giri Publications, this devotional book/spiritual book brings to life the divine attributes, cosmic significance, and the profound wisdom of Lord Vinayaka.
• Within the pages of this Ganpati book, you will embark on a journey through the timeless stories that encompass Lord Vinayaka's creation, his association with auspicious beginnings, and his embodiment of wisdom, intellect, and humility.
• The Lord Ganesha devotional book/spiritual book serves as a window into the rich cultural heritage and spiritual teachings that Lord Vinayaka embodies.
• The devotional book/spiritual book is meticulously organized and beautifully written, making it accessible to devotees of all ages who wish to deepen their understanding and connection with Lord Vinayaka.
• Embrace the teachings, wisdom, and spiritual significance of Lord Vinayaka with "Sri Vinayakar Puranam," and let the stories of the beloved Deity inspire your devotion, knowledge, and reverence.