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Saptavarala Shaishvara Vrata Puja - Telugu | by Giri Publications/ Soft Cover/ Hindu Devotional Book

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• Engage in the sacred practice of Saptavarala Shaishvara Vrata Puja with this Telugu book dedicated to Hindu devotional rituals.
•This Hindu religious book is a spiritual observance performed to seek the blessings and grace of Lord Shiva, particularly on auspicious days.
• The Hindu spiritual book guides devotees through the procedures and rituals associated with the Saptavarala Shaishvara Vrata, a specific form of worship dedicated to Lord Shiva.
• This Hindu Religious book is presented in Telugu, catering to readers who prefer to perform and understand religious rituals in the Telugu language.
• The Hindu Spiritual book provides step-by-step instructions for conducting the Saptavarala Shaishvara Vrata Puja, allowing devotees to engage in the traditional and devotional practices associated with Lord Shiva.
• Details of the pooja vidhi (worship procedure), mantras, and rituals are included, enabling individuals to perform the vrata with sincerity and devotion.
• The publication contributes to the rich tradition of Hindu devotional literature, preserving cultural and religious practices associated with the worship of Lord Shiva.
• Embark on a spiritual journey with ""Saptavarala Shaishvara Vrata Puja"" in Telugu, and partake in the devotional practices that have been cherished by devotees seeking the divine blessings of Lord Shiva.