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En Kathai

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Among Indian autobiographies, there isn't a single text that so candidly portrays a woman's inner presence. Prominent Malayalam poet Sachithananthan claims that My Story perfectly captures the essence of its gloomy loneliness, its insatiable yearning for the genuine love, its longing to transcend self, its hues of immorality, and its maniac poetry. The autobiography of multilingual poet and writer Kamala Das is titled ""My Story."" Nirmalya, who is well-known for his past translations of highly regarded Malayalam literature, translated the book into Tamil.

Kamala Das' ""En Kathai"" transports readers into the realms of fantasy and imagination. With its vivid imagery and captivating storytelling, Doss weaves a tale of adventure and discovery that captivates readers of all ages. From mythical creatures to magical lands, ""En Kathai"" invites readers on a journey of wonder and enchantment, reminding us of the power of storytelling to ignite the imagination and awaken the soul.