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Ramayanam -Rajaji - Tamil

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The epic novel "Ramayana" is based on the Hindu legendary tale of Lord Rama. The English translation of the Ramayana is a well-known rendition of this legendary tale from antiquity. A politician, lawyer, and author, Rajagopalachari's translation of the Ramayana is regarded as one of the best and most understandable in English.
• Lord Rama, who is regarded as the seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu, is the subject of Rajagopalachari's "Ramayana," which is a retelling of his life. From Rama's birth to his exile and final victory over Ravana, the tyrant of demons, the book chronicles his life.
• The story's many characters, including Rama's wife Sita, his brother Lakshmana, and the monkey deity Hanuman, are introduced to readers along the way.
• The Ramayana is well known for being straightforward and approachable, making it a popular book for those who are unfamiliar with Hindu tradition.
• The book is recognized for its literary quality and the way it conveys the story's timeless themes, such as the triumph of good over evil, the value of loyalty and faith, and the strength of love.
• A must-read book for anybody interested in Hindu tradition.