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Dance Dancers And Musicians

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""Dance Dancers And Musicians"" by Dr. V. Raghavan is a captivating exploration of the rich tapestry of Indian performing arts. Through insightful commentary and vivid imagery, Dr. Raghavan celebrates the beauty and grace of dance, the intricacies of musical traditions, and the timeless allure of artistic expression. From classical Bharatanatyam to soul-stirring melodies, this comprehensive work pays homage to the talented artists who breathe life into India's cultural heritage. ""Dance Dancers And Musicians"" is a vibrant ode to the enduring legacy of Indian performing arts.

About The Author:

Renowned Bharatanatyam performer Nandini Ramani was raised in a culturally rich atmosphere and carries on her father Dr. V. Raghavan's and her instructor T. Balasaraswati's traditions. Under Prof. B. Krishnamurthi, Nandini received training in Carnatic vocal music. She then studied Padam and Javali singing under T. Mukta of the Veena Dhanammal lineage. She continues to take part in a variety of events including the Ujjain Kalidas festival, Oriental conferences, and Kaumudi Mahotsav of Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan, New Delhi, in addition to her extensive performance and teaching career both domestically and internationally.

Between 1972 and 1982, Nandini worked as a Teaching Assistant at the Bharatanatya school where her teacher at the Music Academy was employed. From 1975 to 1993, she presented and performed at the Madras Doordarshan. She has also covered a variety of dance, music, and dance theater-related subjects for The Hindu newspaper for almost fifteen years as a resident dance correspondent. One of the most expressive dance writers, Nandini is well-known for her objective, analytical, and helpful approach to art critique.

In her capacity as Managing Trustee of the Dr. V. Raghavan Centre for Performing Arts, Nandini publishes her legendary teacher's remaining works and carries on his dance legacy. She held the positions of Secretary and Board Member at the esteemed Madras Music Academy for two times in a row, from 2004 to 2009 and 1995 to 2004. Rasikas and artists alike will find great value in Nandini's anthology, which compiles her criticism on 61 dance and music-related events and spans a broad historical period.