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GT Chandan Instant Sambrani 18 Pcs

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•Aromatic Essence: GT Black Pearl Loban Cups emanate a rich and alluring fragrance that combines woody, resinous, and earthy notes. This exquisite aroma is known for its calming and purifying properties, creating an atmosphere of serenity and spiritual elevation.

•Premium Quality: Crafted with precision and care, each Loban cup is made from high-quality ingredients, including pure Loban resin, which is renowned for its purity and potency. The quality of the ingredients ensures a long-lasting and authentic fragrance experience.

•Convenient Cups: The Loban resin is conveniently packed into individual cups, making it easy to use and store. Simply place a cup on a heat-resistant surface, ignite the edge, and allow the fragrant smoke to fill your space with its divine aroma.

•Spiritual Significance: In many cultures and traditions, burning Loban resin is believed to purify the environment, dispel negative energies, and invoke blessings from higher realms. Its use is often associated with spiritual rituals, meditation, and prayer.

•Versatile Usage: GT Black Pearl Loban Cups are suitable for a variety of settings and occasions. Whether used in religious ceremonies, meditation practices, yoga sessions, or simply to create a serene atmosphere at home, these Loban cups offer versatility in their application.

•Eco-Friendly: GT Black Pearl is committed to sustainability and environmental responsibility. The Loban resin used in these cups is sourced ethically and sustainably, ensuring minimal impact on the environment.