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Anbu Mattume - Tamil

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About the Author:

One of Paramahansa Yogananda's most eminent pupils was Sri Daya Mata (1914–2010). As her name suggests, she was a real "Mother of Compassion," inspiring people from all backgrounds and beliefs with the knowledge and immense love of God expressed in her writings, lectures, and recordings. She first saw Paramahansaji in 1931 when he gave a lecture in Salt Lake City, Utah, her birthplace. Shortly after, she became a renunciant and joined his ashram. She had the honor of receiving spiritual direction and teaching from Paramahansaji for over twenty years, during which time he personally prepared her to continue his global mission after his death. For almost fifty-five years, from 1955 until her demise in 2010, she served as the president and spiritual leader of Self-Realization Fellowship/Yogoda Satsanga Society of India. Throughout her tenure, she inspired and guided monastics and members around the globe with her knowledge and compassion.

About the Book:

Reading Sri Daya Mata's writings, like Anbu Mattume (in Tamil) / Only Love (in English), is like getting to know someone who is in love. Her love is an ecstatic manifestation of the soul's longing and its joyful fulfillment in God; it stretches out and embraces everyone. She offers us a look into the world of spiritual consciousness, where the soul encounters divine love, in this collection of casual discussions. Find more such similar Hindu spiritual books, bhakti books, stotram books and more at the Giri book section!