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Albert Einstein

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• "Albert Einstein: He Never Stopped Asking Questions" by Venu Gopal is a captivating book from Amar Chitra Katha that delves into the life and mind of the legendary physicist, Albert Einstein.
• In this enlightening read, Gopal skillfully navigates Einstein's journey, revealing his insatiable curiosity and relentless pursuit of knowledge.
• The book beautifully captures Einstein's inquisitive nature, chronicling his relentless questioning that ultimately led to groundbreaking scientific discoveries.
• Through simple language and engaging storytelling, readers will be transported into the world of this extraordinary thinker, gaining insights into the man behind the theories.
• With colorful illustrations and a narrative that is both accessible and informative, "He Never Stopped Asking Questions" serves as an inspiring exploration of Einstein's intellectual legacy.
• Join Einstein on his quest for understanding the universe, and discover the profound impact of his insatiable curiosity on the world of science.