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Gopalla Graamam

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K.Rajanarayanan's ""Gopalla Graamam"" transports readers to the idyllic village of Gopalla, where timeless traditions and simple joys abound. Through vivid imagery and poignant storytelling, Rajanarayanan captures the essence of rural life, inviting readers to experience the beauty of community, connection, and the rhythms of nature.
The events of the novel are set in the period after the rule of Palaiyapats and the rule of the British Company was not fully enforced. This is a novel that depicts the problems of the Telugu family who fled to the south and built a new village called Gopalla village, after growing into many families. Ki has created this novel in a new form in the tradition of oral stories by fluently using the dialect and vocabulary of the people of Karisal forest village. Raja Narayanan. A path breaking work. It anticipated non-linear writing by twenty years.