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Vantharkal Ventrarkal

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Vantharkal Vendrarkal is a historical book written by famous writer and cartoonist Madhan. Madhan, who has been working in Ananda Vikadan publications for almost 25 years as Co-editor is not only a cartoonist but also has many other skills, like bringing up awareness about issues in a graceful and witty manner. It was published as a series by Junior Vikatan. This series, which was well received by the people, was also published as a book by Vikatan Publishing House. Writer Sujatha has written a cover letter for this book.

From the history of Timur, this book also describes the history of Babur, Akbar etc. who ruled India. Vikatan editor Balasubramanian notes that when he started to write Mughal History in Junior Vikatan, the Babri Masjid dispute was burning like a fire in the north. Some even speculated if this was the right time for its serialization, invoking political fear in many. But he did not hesitate about the start and publication of his work. He was confident that this was the right time to do it, and moreover he knew that by revealing the truth it will only benefit and not bring harm to the society. When Madhan started to reveal the Mughal history, the series slowly became a great success. There was no stain in his character. The events were portrayed in such a way that it almost felt like he was present at that moment, to bring an element of surprise to the readers.