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Vanna Kodukal - Tamil

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T. Rajarajeshwari


kalaichemmal G. Thirugnanam

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* Vanna Kodugal is a book written by Ko Thirugnanam in Tamil. The book is a collection of poems that explore various themes related to life and society.
* Vanna Kodugal is an important work of Tamil literature. It reflects the cultural values and traditions of Tamil society and has contributed to the development of Tamil literature.
* The poems in Vanna Kodugal are deeply emotional and personal. They speak to the heart and help the reader connect with their own emotions and experiences.
* This book is available in Tamil, and since the text is bold, it is easy for anyone to read. Older people can easily read the book as well.
* Vanna Kodugal has won several literary awards, including the Tamil Nadu Government's Best Literary Work Award in 1980.
* The poems in Vanna Kodugal revolve around the theme of love. The book explores different dimensions of love, including romantic love, parental love, and love for nature.
* Vanna Kodugal challenges readers to think critically about the issues presented in the essays. The book encourages readers to form their own opinions based on logic and reason, rather than blindly accepting the views of others.
* Vanna Kodugal is known for its simple yet evocative language and style. The poems are written in a lyrical form that is easy to read and understand.