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Truth Revealed (SadVidyai) - Sanskrit-Tamil | Goda Venkateshwara Shastrigal/ Hindu Spiritual Book

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Book Information:

• Humans are said to be the wisest of all births and evolution. In this Hindu book/devotional book/spiritual book, it is given that is only in human birth that one can attain progress in domestic life, pleasant worlds after death, and the state of birthless salvation.
• This Hindu book/devotional book/spiritual book talks about how no matter how one is born in the Seven and Fourteen Planets, sufferings are bound to come to him as per his due. They cannot be completely avoided. The Vedas have given us the means of Atma Jnana (Brahmanjnana) to remain in a state of perfection without suffering. Knowing the Upanishads as gurumukha is the way to attain this self-knowledge.
• Although there are many Upanishads, ten Upanishads are considered important. Shankarabhagavadbhadra, believed to be an incarnation of Shiva, has given a clear and majestic speech about these.
• Among the ten important Upanishads, two Upanishads are related to the Sama Veda. They are called Canopanishad and Chandokya Upanishad. In this the Shanthokya Upanishad clearly states the Atma Tattva.
• In the first five chapters of this Hindu book/devotional book/spiritual book, many Upasanas are performed, which prepare the Sadhaka well for Atma Jnana. In the sixth chapter, it has clearly given the Satvidya.
• It is in this that the famous Maha Vagyam "Tattvamasi" is preached nine times.
• A simple translation of Sankarabhashya is given for the benefit of those who are not so familiar with Sanskrit.

About the author:

Brahmasree Dr. Koda Venkateswara Sastri is an eminent Vedic scholar who has participated in many Vidwat Sadhas and other spiritual gatherings. He has been teaching Prasthana Trayam Bhashyam at various places for over years. He is the recipient of many awards like 'Advaita Siddhi Ratnakara', 'Vidya Vasaspati', 'Brahmavidya Phushan'. Brahmasree Dr. Koda Venkateswara Sastris received Poorna Deeksha from Injikollai Brahmasree Jagadeshwara Sastris. Not only that, he has been worshiping Ambal for many years. After his retirement, Shastris taught Darkam, Mimams, Sastras like Vedanta, Vedic Bhashyas and Tantras to many disciples.