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Thiruvilayadar puranam 3 vol set Tamil

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Lord Shiva rewards his elder son Vinayaka for outwitting his younger sibling Muruga in a contest to acquire a sacred mango fruit provided by the sage Narada. Despite Avvaiyar's attempts to persuade him to go back to Mount Kailash, Muruga leaves Mount Kailash infuriated by his father's choice and travels to Palani while dressed as a hermit. When his mother, Goddess Parvati arrives, she tells the tales of Shiva's Four Divine Games, also known as Thiruvilayadal.

Book Features:

• The "Thiruvilayadal Puranam" volumes narrate these divine incidents, offering a collection of mythological stories, legends, and folklore that illustrate the various ways in which Lord Shiva manifested his divine presence and power on Earth. These stories often highlight the nature of Lord Shiva, portraying him as a benevolent deity who interacts with his devotees in unique and sometimes mischievous ways, in contrast to his usual fierce persona that is portrayed in Itihas.
• Each story in the "Thiruvilayadal Puranam" is a testament to the omnipotence of Lord Shiva and his unwavering commitment to protecting and guiding his devotees. It's not just a collection of myths; it's a spiritual journey that invites readers to witness and contemplate the divine mysteries and wonders associated with Lord Shiva's manifestations on Earth.

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