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Thiruvasagam (Moolam Mattum) - Tamil

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• "Thiruvasagam (Moolam Mattum)," a profound Tamil Hindu devotional book that transcends time and space to immerse readers in the divine verses of devotion.
• This spiritual masterpiece, written by the revered Saint Manickavacakar, resonates with the essence of Tamil culture and spirituality.
• "Moolam Mattum" specifically focuses on the sacred Thiruvasagam hymns, offering readers a deep connection to the divine through its eloquent verses.
• The book is a treasure trove of poetic expressions that praise Lord Shiva, evoking a sense of reverence and awe. The verses are not just words but a soulful journey that transports readers into the realms of devotion and spirituality.
• This book serves as a spiritual guide, providing insights into the rich cultural and religious heritage of Tamil Nadu. It is a testament to the enduring power of faith and the universal themes of devotion that resonate across generations. "Thiruvasagam (Moolam Mattum)" is more than a book;
• it is a sacred companion on the spiritual path, inviting readers to explore the depths of Hindu devotional literature with simplicity and sincerity.