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The Dullard And Other Stories

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• The Dullard: Tales from the Panchatantra is a book by B.B. Karunakar that was released as part of the Amar Chitra Katha comic series, which is a group of Indian comic novels that tells tales from mythology, folklore, and history in an approachable and interesting way.
• The Panchatantra, a collection of animal stories from ancient India noted for its moral lessons, served as the inspiration for the book.
• This Amar chitra katha book's titular character, The Dullard, is renowned for his stupidity and lack of intelligence. The narrative of the novel is on his journey through life, which is filled with hurdles and hardships.
• Every story in the book imparts a valuable moral lesson, such as the dangers of pride and arrogance, the effects of greed, the value of hard work and persistence, etc.
• The book's illustrations are full of colour and vibrancy, which helps the stories come to life and appeal to readers of all ages.
• The book's straightforward language makes it a great choice for young readers who are just beginning to learn about Indian mythology and culture.