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Thattu Kazhi - 11 Inches | Thatukali/ Wooden Stick for Bharatanatyam

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• Your Bharatanatyam performances go perfectly with the Thattakali Instrument set!
• Crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail, this instrument set is designed to elevate your dance performance to the next level.
• Each Bharatantyam Instrument produces rich and authentic sounds that will transport you and your audience to a world of divine rhythm.
• A conventional wooden block called Thatukali or Thattu Mannai is used to produce rhythm in the performance of Bharathanatyam dance.
• The rhythm is called Nattuvangam, and the person who produces the rhythm is called Nattuvanar. The instruments used are called Nattuvangam Thattukali, Thattu Mannai, and Nattuvanga Thalam.
• This Nattuvagam Instrument set consists of two wooden pieces: the Thattakali (wooden sticks) and the Kattai (wooden block). When played together, these pieces produce a unique and beautiful sound that is perfect for accompanying Bharatanatyam performances.
• The Thattakali is the larger of the two pieces, and it produces a deep and resonant sound when struck. The Kattai is the smaller piece, and it produces a higher-pitched sound. When played together in perfect synchronicity, these two pieces create a rhythmic pattern that perfectly complements the movements of Bharatanatyam.
• Not only is this Thattakali Wooden Set a beautiful and traditional instrument, but it is also incredibly durable and long-lasting. Made from high-quality Sheesham wood, this Bharatantyam Instrument set is designed to withstand even the most intense performances.
• Order now and experience the magic of traditional rhythms!