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Stone Pottu - 0.5 Inch | Goddess Bindi/ Amman Pottu for Deity/ Assorted Colour & Design

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• A "stone pottu or Tilak" for a deity idol typically refers to a bindi or mark made of stone material that is applied or affixed to the idol's forehead.
• In Hindu culture, placing a goddess bindi on the forehead of a deity idol is a common practice, symbolizing various aspects such as spiritual awakening, auspiciousness, and the "third eye" associated with wisdom and enlightenment.
• Adorn your beloved deity idol with a sacred and beautiful "Stone Bottu." This intricately designed bindi, made from stone, is crafted to elevate the divine presence of the idol.
• This "Stone pottu" symbolizes auspiciousness and divine grace, enhancing the spiritual ambiance around the deity idol.
• Placing a bindi on the deity idol's forehead is a sacred tradition in Hinduism, signifying the third eye or the seat of wisdom.
• Applying the Amman pottu to the deity idol's forehead is simple and hassle-free, allowing you to enhance its beauty and spirituality effortlessly.
• Embrace the divine energy and beauty of your deity idol by adorning it with a "Stone pottu."
• Let this sacred Amman pottu symbolize auspiciousness, wisdom, and divine grace, enhancing your spiritual connection and reverence toward the deity.