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Sri Hanumat Sahasranama Stotram & Namavali - Sanskrit | Hindu Religious Book/ Stotra Book

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• The Sri Hanuman Sahasranama Stotram & Namavali is a Sanskrit devotional book/spiritual book that contains the 1000 names of Lord Hanuman, a deity in Hindu mythology who is known for his strength, devotion, and loyalty.
• This devotional book/spiritual book is a compilation of sacred hymns and chants that are used for worship and meditation by followers of the Hanuman faith.
• The Hanuman Sahasranama Stotram is a powerful prayer that praises and glorifies Lord Hanuman. It is believed that chanting the Hanuman Sahasranama Stotram with devotion and sincerity can bring peace, happiness, and prosperity into one's life.
• The stotram is composed of 1000 verses, each describing a specific attribute or aspect of Lord Hanuman.
• The Hanuman Namavali is a shorter version of the Hanuman Sahasranama Stotram, consisting of 108 names of Lord Hanuman. The Namavali is a commonly recited prayer among Hanuman devotees, and it is believed to have the power to overcome obstacles, protect from harm, and grant blessings.
• The Sri Hanuman Sahasranama Stotram & Namavali is a revered text in Hinduism, and it is often recited during Hanuman Jayanti, a festival that celebrates the birth of Lord Hanuman.
• The devotional book/spiritual book is also a popular resource for those who seek spiritual guidance and strength in their daily lives.
• So, get your copy today and embark on a journey of self-discovery and divine realization.
• With its exquisite design and high-quality printing, this book is the perfect addition to your collection of spiritual literature. So come, experience the divine power of the Sri Hanuman Sahasranama Stotram and let your soul soar to new heights of enlightenment!