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Sri Devi Poojaiyum Arputha Palankalum

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• "Sri Devi Poojaiyum Arputha Palankalum" is a book that delves into the worship and reverence of the divine feminine principle, specifically focused on the Goddess Devi, the divine mother Maa Shakthi Poojas and the benefits. The book is written in Tamil Language by Keezhavalavu K.Subramaniam.
• The title can be translated as "The Worship of Sri Devi and Miraculous Blessings" in English.
• It explores the various forms and manifestations of Devi, such as Durga, Kali, Lakshmi, Saraswati, and many others, highlighting their unique qualities and significance in the spiritual realm.
• It explains the symbolism behind different aspects of Devi, her iconography, and the rituals associated with her worship.
• Furthermore, "Sri Devi Poojaiyum Arputha Palankalum" delves into the philosophical and spiritual significance of Devi worship. It explores the concept of Shakti, the primordial cosmic energy that Devi embodies, and its role in creation, sustenance, and dissolution. The book highlights how the worship of Devi can awaken and unleash the dormant divine potential within individuals.
• Whether one is a devotee seeking to deepen their connection with the divine feminine or a spiritual seeker interested in exploring the profound teachings and practices related to Devi worship, "Sri Devi Poojaiyum Arputha Palankalum" serves as an invaluable resource.