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Sri Chitragupta Pujai - Tamil | Chitra Putra Nayanar Kathai/ Stotra Book/ Hindu Religious Book

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• Celebrate the auspicious occasion of Chitra Pournami with "Sri Chitragupta Pujai," a Tamil Hindu book/Hindu Spiritual book published by Giri Publications.
• This Hindu book/Hindu Spiritual book is dedicated to Sri Chitragupta, the divine accountant and recorder of deeds, and includes the revered story of Chitra Puthra Nayanar.
• Immerse yourself in the devotional verses and narratives associated with this sacred day.
• Experience the devotional content in the Tamil language, allowing you to connect deeply with the prayers and stories dedicated to Sri Chitragupta.
• Explore the significance of Chitra Pournami, a sacred day in the Hindu calendar, and understand the cultural and religious importance of observing rituals and prayers on this auspicious occasion.
• Engage in the devotional practices and rituals associated with Sri Chitragupta Pujai, seeking his blessings for righteous living and the recording of virtuous deeds.
• Delve into the inspiring story of Chitra Puthra Nayanar, one of the revered Nayanars, known for his devotion and love for Lord Shiva.
• Published by Giri Publications, a trusted name in authentic religious literature, ensuring the reliability and authenticity of the content.
• Utilize this Hindu book/Hindu Spiritual book as a devotional resource to enhance your understanding of the traditions and practices associated with Chitra Pournami.
• Gain insights into the cultural and religious aspects of Chitra Pournami and the devotion to Sri Chitragupta, adding depth to your spiritual practices.
• Embrace the divine energy of Chitra Pournami and Sri Chitragupta with "Sri Chitragupta Pujai - Tamil." Order your copy from Giri Publications and partake in the devotional offerings associated with this sacred occasion.