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Siva Panchatcharam - 3 x 3 Inches | Tamil/ Shiva Panchatcharam/ Copper Yantra for Pooja

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• Hinduism holds the Shiva Panchatcharam, a holy symbol that captures the pure essence of Lord Shiva, in high regard due to its profound spiritual meaning.
• This elaborately crafted copper Yantra invites worshippers to connect with Shiva's transcendent force and acts as a focal point during meditation and devotion.
• The five Panchatcharam syllables, which stand for the five elements of existence (earth, water, fire, air, and ether), are embodied in the design of the copper Yantra.
• These Siva Panchatcharam syllables are charged with the divine vibrations of the primordial sound 'Om Namah Shivaya' and it is surrounded by lucky geometric designs and exudes a powerful, calm atmosphere that suggests the presence of the Almighty.
• Yantram are regarded as sacred tools in Hinduism that can be used to call upon cosmic energy and promote spiritual development.
• The Shiva Panchatcharam Yantra is said to grant its believers safety, wealth, and inner serenity when it is worshipped with sincerity and devotion.
• It facilitates spiritual awakening and release from delusions of the material world by acting as a channel for the infusion of heavenly grace into one's life.
• The Shiva Panchatcharam Yantra is transformed into a hallowed area during rituals and Pooja ceremonies, where devotees make prayers, carry out holy rites, and reflect on the glorious qualities of Lord Shiva.
• The Copper Yantra for Pooja presence raises for consciousness to greater levels of spiritual awareness, purifies the mind, and sanctifies the surroundings.
• The Shiva Panchatcharam Yantra is a transformative emblem of transcendence and divine grace that can change people's life.