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Periya Puranam

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The Periya Puranam is a Tamil poetic description of the mythical lives of the sixty-three Nayanars, the canonical poets of Tamil Shaivism. It is known as the big purana or epic and is also referred to as Tiruttontarpuranam or Tiru Thondar Puranam, the Purana of the Holy Devotees.
• It was put together by Sekkizhar in the 12th century and offers proof of trade with West Asia. The Periya Puranam is a part of the canonical writings of Shaiva religion.
• The Periya Puranam, also known as the Great Purana, was compiled and written by Sekkizhar. It contains the biographies of the 63 Shaiva Nayanar poets of the God Shiva and was later canonised, becoming a part of the sacred canon.
• Among the Tamil hagiographic Puranas, Sekkizhar's Tiruttondar is the most famous.
• This is a 4 Volume Set of Periya Puranam in Tamil by Azhwargal Aaivu Maiyam.