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Linga Purana - English

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The Linga Purana is one of the eighteen Mahapuranas, or ancient Hindu writings. It is primarily devoted to Lord Shiva and concentrates on the magnificence and significance of the Linga, which serves as a symbol for the divine force and cosmic energy of Lord Shiva. It is thought that the Linga Purana was written between the fifth and eleventh centuries CE, but its exact origins and authorship are still unknown. It is composed of over 11,000 verses in Sanskrit, which are separated into the Purva Bhaga (First Part) and the Uttara Bhaga (Second Part).

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• The traditions and tales pertaining to Lord Shiva are found in the Purva Bhaga, also known as the Poorva Khand. It looks into several facets of creation, cosmology, and the lineage of Gods and wise men. It tells the stories of how Lord Shiva wed Goddess Parvati, how their children were born, and about other Gods and celestial beings' adventures.
• A deeper exploration of Lord Shiva's rites, worship, and religious practises is provided in the Uttara Bhaga, also known as the Uttara Khand. It offers instructions for carrying out pujas (ritualistic worship), building temples, and participating in festivals honouring Lord Shiva.
• The importance of devotion, faith, and submission to Lord Shiva as a way of achieving spiritual freedom and transcendence is emphasised repeatedly throughout the Linga Purana. The philosophical notions of dharma (righteousness), karma (activities and their results), and moksha (deliverance from the cycle of life and death) are all explored.
• The Linga Purana is treasured by Lord Shiva's followers and is regarded as a holy text that offers insights into the essence of deity, the mysteries of the cosmos, and the routes to enlightenment.
• It acts as a manual for religious practises, moral behaviour, and the development of spiritual insight.