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Ketu Graha Prarthana - Sanskrit - English | Stotra Book/ Hindu Religious Book

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• Embark on a spiritual journey dedicated to Ketu Graha with this Sanskrit-English astrology book.
• Explore the divine aspects of Ketu through prayers, mantras, and insightful verses that illuminate the significance of this celestial body.
• This Astrology book encompasses various sections, each serving a unique purpose in connecting with Ketu's spiritual energy.
• Dhyana Shlokaha: Begin your spiritual contemplation with Dhyana Shlokaha, a verse dedicated to meditating on the divine form of Ketu. Immerse yourself in the contemplative process to attune your mind to the cosmic energies represented by Ketu.
• Ketu Gayatri Mantraha: Chant the powerful Ketu Gayatri Mantra, a sacred hymn dedicated to invoking the blessings and positive energies of Ketu. The mantra serves as a means of connecting with the divine essence of Ketu for spiritual growth and protection.
• Sri Ketukavacham: Explore the protective shield provided by Sri Ketukavacham, a sacred armor that safeguards against negative influences associated with Ketu. This section offers prayers seeking the divine protection and guidance of Ketu.
• Sri Ketustotram: Immerse yourself in the devotional verses of Sri Ketustotram, praising the divine attributes and cosmic influence of Ketu. These hymns offer a deeper understanding of Ketu's significance in the celestial order.
• Ketu Puja: Discover the rituals and practices involved in Ketu Puja, a sacred worship dedicated to seeking the blessings and grace of Ketu. Engage in this devotional act to align your spiritual energies with the divine vibrations of Ketu.
• Sri Ketvashottara Shatanamavali: Explore the 108 sacred names of Ketu through Sri Ketvashottara Shatanamavali. Each name reflects a unique aspect of Ketu's divine nature, allowing devotees to connect with the multifaceted energy of this celestial body.
• About Ketu Graha: Gain insightful knowledge about Ketu Graha, its astrological significance, and the impact it holds in Vedic astrology. This section provides a comprehensive overview of Ketu's role in influencing individual lives and cosmic energies.
• Embark on a spiritual odyssey with "Ketu Graha Prarthana," a Sanskrit-English astrology book that delves into the mystical realm of Ketu. Whether you seek spiritual protection, guidance, or a deeper connection with cosmic energies, this book serves as a valuable companion on your spiritual journey.