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Kartikai Dipa Puja - Tamil | Hindu Religious Book

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• Kartikai Deepa Puja is a sacred Hindu ritual observed during the auspicious month of Kartikai (also known as Kartika or Karthik) to honor Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati.
• During Kartikai Deepa Puja, devotees wake up before dawn to cleanse themselves and their surroundings. They then light oil lamps or candles, often arranged in intricate patterns, in their homes and temples. The light from these lamps symbolizes the dispelling of darkness and the awakening of spiritual consciousness.
•Throughout the day, devotees perform special prayers and rituals dedicated to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati, seeking their blessings for prosperity, happiness, and spiritual growth. Offerings of flowers, fruits, and sweets are made to the deities, and hymns and devotional songs are sung in praise of their divine glory.
• As evening approaches, the lamps are lit once again, illuminating the darkness and symbolizing the triumph of light over darkness. The entire atmosphere is filled with the divine fragrance of incense and the melodious chants of devotees, creating a serene and sacred ambiance.
•Kartikai Deepa Puja is not only a religious observance but also a time for family gatherings, feasting, and sharing joy with loved ones. It is a celebration of faith, devotion, and the eternal light of divinity that shines within every heart.