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Karpura Aarti - 2 x 3 Inches | Brass Aarti/ Camphor Aarti/ Arti for Pooja/ 50 Gms Approx

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SKU 52505594
Width Height Depth Material Weight

3 in

2 in

3.25 in


0.05 kg

• Presenting our Brass Camphor Plate, beautifully designed to elevate your ceremonial experiences.
• This kapoor arti is made of high-quality brass and radiates elegance and durability, making it a timeless complement to your sacred place.
• This kapoor arti is ideal for lighting camphor and dispersing its cleansing aroma because it was made especially for performing Camphor Aarti during Pooja ceremonies.
• Its roomy surface makes it possible to insert the camphor safely and securely, guaranteeing a smooth and peaceful ritual every time.
• During pooja, camphor is utilized to purify the surroundings since it is said to have purifying characteristics. Its fragrant emissions are supposed to chase away evil spirits and establish a holy atmosphere fit for prayer.
• This Brass Camphor Plate enhances the atmosphere of your prayer room or temple and lends a touch of luxury to your spiritual rituals with its glossy surface.
• This dish is a symbol of regard and dedication, regardless of whether it is used for an event of significance or as part of a regular practice.
• During pooja, camphor is offered as a symbolic representation of Agni, the element of fire. Burning camphor is viewed as an offering to the god, symbolizing love, submission, and cleansing of impurities.
• Embrace the serenity and sacredness of your Pooja ceremonies with our Brass Camphor Plate, an elegant and classic piece designed to elevate your spiritual path.
• This beautiful composition will help you deepen your relationship with God as you worship Him. It is a wonderful way to embrace tradition.