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Hayagriva Statue - 3 Inches | Panchaloha Statue/ Hayagreevar Idol for Pooja/ 175 Gms Approx

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• This Hayagriva Statue is a divine representation of Lord Hayagreeva crafted from Panchaloha, a sacred alloy of five metals.
• This exquisite Panchaloha statue captures the spiritual essence and artistic beauty associated with the revered deity Hayagriva.
• The statue is meticulously crafted from Panchaloha, an alloy composed of five sacred metals—gold, silver, copper, zinc, and tin. Each metal contributes to the spiritual significance and vibrational energy of the deity.
• Lord Hayagriva, a divine form of Lord Vishnu, is depicted with the head of a horse, symbolizing wisdom, knowledge, and learning.
• The Panchaloha composition is believed to enhance the spiritual energy of the deity, making it an ideal representation for those seeking wisdom, knowledge, and intellectual prowess.
• Every aspect of the Panchaloha statue, from the flowing mane to the symbolic gestures, is meticulously crafted, reflecting the skill and dedication of the artisan.
• The presence of the Panchaloha Hayagriva Statue is believed to create an auspicious and spiritually charged environment, fostering an atmosphere conducive to learning and wisdom.
• Perfect for home temples, meditation rooms, or study areas, this statue serves as a focal point for spiritual practices and intellectual pursuits.
• The Panchaloha material is known for its durability and resistance to corrosion, ensuring that the statue maintains its luster with minimal maintenance.
• Place this sacred Hayagriva Statue in your home to invoke blessings of knowledge, wisdom, and divine grace upon yourself and your loved ones.
• The presence of Lord Hayagreeva in your space is believed to establish a spiritual connection, bringing guidance and enlightenment to those who seek divine wisdom.
• Experience the divine energy and spiritual resonance with our Panchaloha Hayagriva Statue—a timeless embodiment of wisdom and knowledge crafted with devotion and reverence.