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Grama Devataigalin Eliya Agama Puja Murai- Tamil | By Giri Publications | Soft Cover

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Eliya Agama puja murai Tamil book offers detailed explanations and instructions on the various aspects of puja (worship) according to tradition. The Tamil devotional book serves as a valuable resource for priests, temple administrators, and devotees who seek to conduct puja in accordance with the traditions and guidelines of Sanatana Dharma. Within the Eliya Agama puja murai Tamil book, readers will find step-by-step instructions, mantras and details regarding the sequence of rituals performed during various puja ceremonies in order to invoke the energy and blessings of the targeted deities.

Even today, we can witness these simple deities entering the divine bodies of the priests and giving grace to the uninformed lay people. Giri publishes Eliya Agama puja murai Tamil book (Simple Agama Pooja Method of Village Devas), so that those who have been performing priestly work for generations in such temples can know and practise the worship method. In this devotional book, puja methods are given for all village deities with moola mantra, dhyana salokas, gayatri mantra, namavalis, and bothis. Temple-related and other news are also given in a very useful manner. Devotees and priests will welcome this Tamil devotional book.