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Giri Kavi Powder | Rangoli Powder/ Kolam Powder/ Brown Colour/ Kavi Podi for Pooja Room Decor

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Original price
Rs. 10.00
Rs. 10.00 - Rs. 80.00
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Grams: 50
SKU 4200105
Width Height Depth Weight

3 in

5.5 in

0.5 in

0.05 kg

Width Height Depth Sticks Weight

4 in

6.5 in

0.5 in


0.1 kg


1.0 kg

Drawing Kolam/Rangoli is an age-old practise and a ritualistic art form in front of the home, as a welcome gesture and to bring prosperity. Giri Kavi Powder is a Colour Powder/Brown Colour Rangoli Powder, used for bordering the kolam, a symbol of auspiciousness and divinity.

• The high quality of the Kavi Powder allows for smooth application on the floor.
• From a simple star pattern to any sort of complex designs can be drawn using Kavi powder.
• Outline the border of the kolam during Puja Homam and special occasions with Colour Powder/Brown Colour Rangoli Powder.
• The bright color of the Kaavi Podi adds aesthetic value to the home and temple/Kovil while also welcoming Lakshmi, the Goddess of Prosperity.
• Discover more varieties of Colour Powder/Brown Colour Rangoli Powder/kavi powder on our website, to add a vibrant touch to your festive celebrations!