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Garuda Purana

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• One of the eighteen Mahapuranas, a category of historic Hindu writings, is the Garuda Purana. It bears the name of Garuda, a mythical bird-like creature thought to be Lord Vishnu's mount. The Garuda Purana, according to the wise man Vyasa, is composed as a conversation between the gyphon and Lord Vishnu.
• The Garuda Purana is renowned for providing in-depth explanations of a variety of topics related to life, death, and the afterlife. Cosmology, creation stories, genealogies, geography, medicine, rituals, and philosophical teachings are just a few of the diverse topics it addresses. However, it is notable in particular for providing a thorough explanation of the soul's journey after death.
• The numerous stages that the soul travels through after leaving the physical body are vividly described in the book, along with the trials and punishments it endures based on its deeds and karma while it was an earthly being. It goes into detail about the idea of reincarnation, the law of karma, and the numerous worlds in which a soul can live depending on its virtues or faults.
• The Garuda Purana also offers instructions on burial ceremonies, rituals, and practises that people should adhere to in order to guarantee a painless transfer for the deceased soul. It also has chapters on astrology, omens, and death signs.
• The Garuda Purana discusses a wide range of subjects in addition to the afterlife, including astrology, astronomy, jewels and precious stones, architecture, and the nature of the cosmos. It offers insights into Hindu religious beliefs and practises through moral precepts, ethical principles, and philosophical debates.
• Hindus rely heavily on the Garuda Purana as a key religious and spiritual text because it offers them insights into the cycle of life, death, and rebirth as well as ethical and philosophical guidance on how to live a good and fruitful life.