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Chandan Mala - 20 Inches | 8 mm/ 108 Beads Wooden Beads Mala/ Kantha Mala for Men & Women

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• Elevate your spiritual practices and immerse yourself in the soothing fragrance of sandalwood with the Pure Sandalwood Mala.
• Crafted prayer accessory is a beautiful blend of elegance and spirituality, making it a perfect companion for meditation, prayer, or as a thoughtful gift for loved ones.
• This Original sandalwood mala is crafted from genuine sandalwood beads, known for their natural fragrance and calming properties.
• Sandalwood has been revered for centuries in various cultures for its spiritual significance.
• Sandalwood is renowned for its sweet, woody aroma. As you meditate or engage in prayer, the mala's fragrance can create a serene and tranquil atmosphere, helping you find inner peace and focus.
• This original chandan mala features 108 beads, a sacred number in many spiritual traditions.
• Each bead is carefully carved, creating a beautiful and smooth texture that is pleasant to touch and hold.
• The beads are securely strung together with a durable cord, ensuring that your mala will withstand regular use during your spiritual practices.
• Whether you are a seasoned practitioner or new to meditation and prayer, this sandalwood mala is a valuable tool.
• It can be used for mantra chanting, meditation, or simply as a meaningful accessory to remind you of your spiritual intentions.
• The Pure Sandalwood Mala makes a meaningful and thoughtful gift for spiritual seekers, yoga enthusiasts, or anyone looking to enhance their meditation and mindfulness practices. It's a symbol of peace, serenity, and inner exploration.
• To maintain the fragrance of the sandalwood beads, simply rub them gently with a soft, dry cloth from time to time. This will help refresh the aroma and keep your mala looking and smelling beautiful.
• The Pure Sandalwood Mala is more than just a prayer accessory; it is a companion on your spiritual journey. Its authentic sandalwood beads, soothing fragrance, and traditional design come together to enhance your meditation and prayer experiences.
• Whether you're seeking inner peace, mindfulness, or a deeper connection to your spiritual path, this mala is a symbol of serenity and a reminder of the sacredness within.