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Chammanthi Podi - 100 Gms | Chammanthi Powder

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• The strong blend of spices and ingredients in chammandhi powder, a beloved South Indian condiment, captures the essence of regional cuisine. 
• This adaptable food mix is a staple in Kerala homes, valued for its strength and simplicity of flavor. Red chilies, salt, garlic, Asafoetida (hing), coconut, and roasted dal are all essential components for attaining the ideal balance of spiciness, saltiness, and fragrance.
• To make chammandhi podi, red chilies that have been sun-dried are used to provide a bright color and potent heat. 
• Rock salt is mixed with these to enhance their unique flavor and preservation qualities. 
• Roasted garlic cloves add a rich, spicy undertone that is accentuated by the distinct tartness of asafoetida. Grated coconut gives this instant mix a hint of sweetness and texture, while roasted dal (split chickpeas or urad dal) adds a nutty richness and aids in getting the right consistency.
• After all the ingredients are pounded to a fine powder, you are left with a delicious chammandhi that goes well with steamed rice, dosas, idlis, or just as a tasty side dish for any meal. 
• This instant mix convenience makes it an essential component of South Indian cooking customs, providing convenience and authenticity in every taste. 
chammandhi podi never fails to dazzle palates with its ageless blend of flavors, whether used sparingly for a mild kick or abundantly for a hot sensation.