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Beautiful Mor Pankh Kalangi - 1.5 Inches | Artificial Peacock Feather/ Decorated Feather for Laddu Gopal

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• Discover grace and elegance with this gorgeous hair kalangi, hair accessory made specifically for goddess ornamentation and embellished with a stunning peacock feather design and sparkling stones.
• This exquisitely designed hair accessory is ideal for improving the appearance of any deity since it combines traditional workmanship with celestial aesthetics.
• This exquisitely crafted kalangi is a classic example of god jewellry, carefully crafted to match ceremonial and ritualistic scenarios. Every place of worship is made more hallowed by the peacock feather pattern, which represents beauty and spirituality.
• The peacock feather used as god jewellery has profound symbolic and spiritual meaning in Hinduism. The main personification of it is Lord Krishna, who is frequently seen with a peacock feather in his hair.
• The feather of a peacock is indicative of grace, beauty, and divinity. The victory of virtue over vice is symbolized by this, since fatal snakes may be devoured by peacocks without hurting them.
• The peacock feather's elaborate designs and vivid hues also represent the cosmos' creation and the never-ending dance of pleasure and celebration.
• Peacock feathers are regarded as auspicious and considered to bring luck and prosperity. This is offered to deities throughout rituals and celebrations.
• Peacock feathers are highly valued in Indian arts, crafts, and literature besides religious contexts, where they are used as a symbol of spiritual awakening, inventiveness, and beauty.
• Styles the deity's with ease thanks to its long-lasting structure that guarantees longevity and convenience of usage.
• This Beautiful Mor Pankh Kalangi is perfect for temples, personal altars, or cultural gatherings since it not only adds visual interest but also conveys reverence and the history of culture.
• This classic piece was made to honor tradition and beauty in every little detail, to enhance the presence of your deity.