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Athirshta Numbergal - Tamil

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• "Athirshta Numbergal" is a comprehensive Tamil book authored by Tamilvanan, offering profound insights into the mystical world of numerology and its connections with astrology.
• This tamil astrology book is a treasure trove of knowledge for Tamil-speaking readers seeking to explore the impact of numbers on their lives.
• Dive deep into the enigmatic realm of numerology, where numbers are not mere figures but powerful symbols that influence various aspects of life.
• Written in Tamil, "Athirshta Numbergal" ensures that the ancient wisdom of numerology is accessible to Tamil-speaking individuals, preserving the cultural and linguistic heritage.
• Tamilvanan, an accomplished numerologist, shares his extensive knowledge and expertise, providing readers with a reliable source for understanding the profound significance of numbers.
• The book offers practical guidance on how numerology can be applied in daily life, from selecting auspicious names to making critical life decisions.
• "Athirshta Numbergal" explores the intricate relationship between numerology and astrology, delivering a holistic understanding of how both play pivotal roles in shaping destinies.
• The book employs real-life case studies to illustrate numerological concepts, making it engaging and relatable for readers.
• Whether you are intrigued by the influence of numbers in your life, seeking to make well-informed decisions, or simply fascinated by the mystical world of numerology, "Athirshta Numbergal" equips you with the knowledge and insights to navigate life's journey.
• This book is your gateway to unveiling the hidden patterns and meanings of numbers in your life. Explore the mystical world of numbers, decipher their secrets, and learn how numerology can guide you on your path to success and happiness with "Athirshta Numbergal" by Tamilvanan.