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Arakku | Wax Sealing/ Sealing Wax Sticks

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• Arakku is an essential component of many religious poojas and ceremonies, and it has great spiritual and cultural significance in many different cultures.
• This bright, rich liquid, which is frequently red or maroon in color, represents holiness, purity, and the benefits of God.
• Arakku is a key component in Hindu ceremonies used to call upon the gods and ask for their blessings. It is presented as a sacred libation to the gods and goddesses during yagnas, poojas, and other religious rituals. 
• Worshippers are moved by the deep red color of Arakku, which is symbolic of prosperity and auspiciousness.
• Arakku is essentially a spiritual being who embodies the qualities of devotion, purity, and blessings beyond the realm of the material world. Its inclusion in religious ceremonies and poojas enhances the ceremonial experience and promotes a closer relationship with the divine.
• Easy access and simplicity of use are the design features of our wax sealing sticks. 
• Just use a flame or wax melting spoon to melt the wax, then pour it onto the surface of your choice and stamp with the seal of your choice.
• Accept the craft of unique by using Wax Sealing. With our rich sealing wax sticks, you can add a touch of elegance to your letters, invites, and gifts and make a long-lasting impression.
• Every Arakku sealing wax stick is carefully blended to provide a perfect seal each and every time. Our quality components offer a strong hold and a smooth application, ensuring that your seals won't come loose during handling and shipping. 
• You can put on Arakku to leave a lasting impact whether you're sealing corporate documents, personal letters, or wedding invites.