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Amman Saree - 4 Mtr | Devi Dress/ Satin Material/ Deity Dress/ Saree for Goddess

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• This Amman Saree is a specially designed attire for adorning the deity idols during Swamy Alangaram or Amman decoration. This Devi dress is created with intricate details and vibrant green colours, reflecting the grace and divinity of the Goddess Amman.
• The Amman Saree is made from Satin cloth, ensuring a comfortable fit and durability. This Deity dress is designed to be draped around the idol of Amman during worship rituals and festivals.
• On this saree for goddess, a captivating and eye-catching pattern featuring the mango design is printed.
• This special drape requires the use of an Amman Alangaram Stand. Carefully drape a saree (devi dress) over the Amman Alangaram Stand (varalskhmi idol) beginning at the waist and allowing the cloth flow beautifully to create the Amman Saree Drape.
• Use pleats and tucks to create a seamless and elegant look, allowing the saree to highlight the divine form of Amman.
• The Green colour of this saree represents the beauty, power, and grace of Amman.
• The saree for goddess is adorned with a Jari border, adding a touch of elegance and grandeur to the deity's appearance. It is accompanied by Bangles, a waist belt, a necklace, earrings, and so on, enhancing the overall divine aura.
• Whether you are performing puja at home or in a temple, adorning the Amman deity with the deity dress adds a special charm and elegance to your worship space.
• This Devi dress elevates the visual appeal of the deity idol, creates a sacred ambiance, and enhances the overall spiritual experience.
• Amman is revered as a kind Deity who bestows strength and safety on her followers. She is also said to bestow prosperity, health, and general well-being upon those who follow her.
• During Varalakshmi Vratha puja and Navaratri, devotees adorn the Amman deity with exquisite sarees as part of the Swamy Alangaram (deity decoration).
• To complete the Amman alangaram, Giri offers a range of Amman faces, alangaram stands, and jewellery accessories.