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Uththara Kalamirtham-Moolamum Uraiyum

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Uththara Kalamirtham-Moolamum Uraiyum


• “Uttara Kalamirtham,” a Tamil book authored by S. M. Sadhasivam, presents the profound teachings and insights of the legendary poet and playwright, Kalidasar, also known as Mahakavi Kalidasa.
• This book serves as a comprehensive guide to understanding and appreciating the works of Kalidasa, exploring his literary genius and philosophical wisdom.
• In “Uttara Kalamirtham,” Sadhasivam brings to light the timeless wisdom and poetic brilliance of Kalidasa's works, providing readers with a deeper understanding of his literary contributions.
• The book covers various aspects of Kalidasa's writings, including his renowned plays, epic poems, and lyrical compositions, showcasing the breadth and depth of his literary genius.
• Through meticulous research and analysis, Sadhasivam delves into the intricacies of Kalidasa's works, unravelling the layers of symbolism, metaphor, and philosophical themes embedded within.
• He offers valuable insights into Kalidasa's depiction of human emotions, relationships, societal dynamics, and the timeless quest for spiritual enlightenment.
• “Uttara Kalamirtham” is not only a literary exploration but also an invitation to delve into the beauty and richness of the Tamil language.
• Sadhasivam's scholarly approach and deep appreciation for Kalidasa's works make this book a valuable resource for literature enthusiasts, scholars, students, and anyone seeking to immerse themselves in the timeless legacy of Kalidasa's writings.
• With its engaging style and meticulous attention to detail, “Uttara Kalamirtham” celebrates the literary brilliance of Kalidasa and pays homage to his contributions to the world of literature.
• It is a testament to the enduring relevance and universal appeal of his works, inspiring readers to appreciate the power of words, imagination, and the pursuit of artistic excellence.
• Discover the beauty, wisdom, and literary masterpieces of Kalidasa through the pages of “Uttara Kalamirtham” by S. M. Sadhasivam.

Product Details

Author S M Sadhaasivam
Publisher Sri Indhu Publications
Language Tamil
Pages 360
Height (Inches) 8.8
Width (Inches) 5.8
Depth (Inches) 1.0
Net Weight (KG) 0.460
Binding Hard Bound
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