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Rudraksha - 8 Face

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8 Mukhi Rudraksha Beads - 1 Inch | 8 Mugam Nepal Beads/ 8 Face Beads for Men & Women

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● The 8-Face Rudraksha beads, also known as Astamukhi Rudraksha, are sacred and powerful beads with eight natural faces, or Mukhis, on their surface.
● Rudraksha beads hold great significance in Hinduism and are believed to possess spiritual and healing properties.
● The 8-Face Rudraksh is particularly revered for its association with Lord Ganesha, the remover of obstacles and the deity of wisdom and intellect.
● Each face of the 8-Face original Rudraksha is characterised by a deep vertical cleft running from the top to the bottom, creating distinct segments on the bead's surface.
● The eight mukhi real rudraksha bead is a very auspicious bead for wisdom, awareness, and the removal of obstacles.
● The planet associated with eight mukhi rudraksha is Ketu. Ketu is the celestial snake that causes obstacles in one's journey of life. Eight mukhi Nullifies the negative effects of planet ketu.
● The eight mukhi Rudraksha balance the muladhara chakra.
● The process of wearing the 8-faced Ruthracham involves passing a black or red thread through the hole of the Rudraksha seed. The thread is then used to create a necklace, or mala, that can be worn around the neck.
● The mantra for the eight mukhi rudraksha beads is “Aum hoom Namah Aum Ganeshaye Namah”. it is believed that rudraksha beads have the power to hold on to the energy of the recited mantra and aid the worshipper in concentration and spiritual development.
● Rudra means Shiva, and Aksha means teardrops. Rudraksha are the teardrops of Shiva.
● The legend goes that once, Shiva sat in meditation for a long period of time. His ecstasy was such that it made him absolutely still and unmoving. He seemingly did not even breathe, and everyone thought he was dead. There was only one sign of life — the tears of ecstasy that dribbled from his eyes. These teardrops fell upon the earth and became Rudraksha, “Shiva's tears”. No single tree is as rich with spiritual references, spiritual myths, and legends as the rudraksha.
● The 8-face original Rudraksha is believed to have healing properties and may help improve physical and mental well-being.
● The 8-face real Rudraksha is believed to offer strong protection from negative energies and evil forces. It creates a shield of positivity around the wearer, promoting spiritual growth and inner strength.

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