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Wooden Paduka - 3 x 10.5 Inches | Wooden Charan Paduka/ Swami Paduka for Pooja

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Rs. 2,400.00
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SKU 6384586
Width Height Weight

10.5 in

3 in

0.395 kg

• Step into a realm of spirituality and artistic expression with these exquisite Wooden Paduka adorned with intricate brass work.
• Revered in Hindu traditions, padukas symbolize humility, devotion, and the sacred journey towards divinity.
• Crafted with precision and adorned with brass embellishments, these wooden padukas serve as a beautiful and meaningful addition to your spiritual space.
• The padukas(God feet) have a sturdy wooden base, providing a comfortable and natural feel underfoot. The wood is carefully selected for its quality and durability, ensuring a lasting piece of spiritual art.
• Padukas(God feet)are considered sacred and are often used in Hindu rituals and ceremonies.
• They symbolize the feet of revered deities or spiritual teachers, signifying the path of righteousness and the journey towards enlightenment.
• The brass work on the swami padukas showcases detailed craftsmanship, depicting traditional motifs and patterns. The combination of wood and brass creates a visually appealing and spiritually charged piece.
• Place these wooden Swami padukas in your pooja room, meditation space, or home temple as a devotional offering. Their presence invites positive energy, spiritual focus, and a sense of reverence into your sacred environment.
• The Wooden Paduka with Brass Work makes for a thoughtful and meaningful gift for occasions like housewarmings, weddings, or spiritual celebrations. It carries the essence of spiritual significance and artistic expression.
• Step into the sacred realm of spiritual devotion with each step taken in these Wooden Padukas with Brass Work.
• Embrace the artistry, symbolism, and cultural richness they bring to your spiritual space.