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Thiruman Box - 6 x 3.25 Inches | Wooden Tiruman Container/ Namakatti Box for Home

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3.25 in

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• Tiruman, or Namam, is the sacred symbol drawn on the foreheads of Vaishnavites, which represents the place where Sriman Narayana is said to reside.
• This wooden thiruman box is decorated with the holy symbols of Sri Narayana: the Shankh Chakra and Namam.
• A perfect wooden thiruman box to keep your Namakatti and Srichurnam along with the Namam sticks intact.
• Vaishnavites believe that wearing a Tiruman at all times is essential and represents their constant devotion to Lord Vishnu. With this Thiruman box, you can carry your Namam set everywhere to apply during trips or just to refresh your divine markings when they fade.
• Also check out our set of vibrantly coloured Srichurnam / Tiruman / Namam sticks, which consists of turmeric, rice, and other aromatic natural ingredients.
• The tilaks were used to denote which sampradaya one belonged to. Namakatti or Tilak is clay which is said to have many medicinal properties. Idols of God are also decorated with Srichurnam namakatti.
• The body is said to emanate energy in the form of electromagnetic waves, especially on the forehead and the spot between the eyebrows. Namakatti is used on these spots, as it is believed to protect the chakras.
• The tilak cools the forehead, protects the wearer, and is said to prevent energy loss.