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Wollen Nool | Wollen Thread/ Wollen Yarn

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• Wollen thread is derived from the fleece of sheep and sometimes other animals like goats (cashmere and mohair), rabbits (angora), and alpacas.
• Multi colour thread refers to the yarn spun from wool fibers, which can vary in thickness and texture depending on the type of wool and spinning process of Woolen thread can be dyed in a wide range of colors due to its ability to absorb dyes effectively.
• The quality of woolen yarn depends on factors like the breed of sheep, the climate it was raised in, and how the wool was processed.
• Wollen thread is used in various crafts such as knitting, crocheting, weaving, and embroidery.
• The multicoloured yarn is beautifully handmade fabrics that are displayed on the shelves each tell a tale of talent and legacy that has been passed down through the years. 
• The collection, which includes finely embroidered shawls and lavishly patterned sarees, nods to current fashion trends while celebrating the diversity of India's textile traditions.
• Multi colour thread with high-quality woolen wool can be soft and luxurious, suitable for high-end fashion.
• Wollen yarns can be used for knitting, weaving, and felting, among other textile crafts.
• With beautiful lighting that shows the natural textures of the silk, cotton, and wool, the atmosphere is one of understated elegance.