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Tulasi Mala | White Tulsi Mala/ Thulsi Mala/ Thulasi Mala for Men & Women

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Size: 16.5 Inch
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• Did you know that like Tulsi plant, original Tulsi mala/Thulasi malai is also very auspicious? A religious necklace made of Tulasi (holy basil) beads, it is worn by devotees of Lord Vishnu and Krishna.
• Consisting of 108 beads, it is believed that chanting the Hare Krishna mantra on these original Tulasi mala/Thulasi malai beads helps in meditation and spiritual purification.
• Made with great care and attention to detail. The beads are strung together on a string and is finished with a tassel.
• In addition to being a spiritual accessory, the Tulasi mala is also known for its healing properties. Wearing the mala during japa is believed to help reduce stress, improve concentration, and promote overall well-being.
• Instrumental in cleansing the mind, body, and soul of all impure karma and thoughts.
• They are also known for their ability to restore balance and harmony in the body, beneficial in treating skin ailments.
• A beautiful and meaningful piece of jewelry that serves as a powerful tool for spiritual growth and physical healing.
• Please bear in mind that the Tulsi japa mala should be washed with Gangajal before wearing.
• The person wearing original Tulsi japa mala should eat sattvik food. This means that the consumption of garlic, onion, meat-fish, etc. is prohibited.
• Discover many varieties of Tulsi Mala - such as Regular, Knotted, White, Yellow, Kanthi and more on our website.