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Washinto Thirumanam - Tamil

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The narrative in Washington Thirumanam: A Marriage in South India The story in Washington centers on an American couple's desire about seeing a traditional Tamil Brahmin wedding. The Rockefellers support a Tamil Brahmin wedding in the US and are eager to learn about Indian traditions and customs. The narrative takes place during a period of increased interest in international travel. The middle-class Tamil bride and groom, together with their respective families, are transported by the American couple by charter planes. Along with them are all the other necessary items for the wedding, such as cooks, garlands, sweets, savory dishes, presents, and priests. They even bring an Appalam Patti, who spreads out and dries Appalams in the sun on the rooftops of high-rises.

It's a lighthearted take on the custom of verbal sparring and disagreements between the bride and groom's sides. For example, the uncle of the groom makes a big deal out of not getting filter coffee that comes from cows. The American couple wonders why the marriage party was not accompanied by a cow as well.

Paperback versions of Washingto Thirumanam: A South Indian Marriage in Washington and Tamil were published by Narmadha Pathipagam in 2013.

An article from this book was serialized in a popular Tamil weekly.
The cultural company Kalasagaram performed the book as a play on stage.