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Vrindavan - Pooja Powder 20gms

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Pooja Powder is a form of aromatic powder is frequently used in Indian religious rites, especially during puja (worship) ceremonies.Depending on the locale and culture, pooja powder's ingredients can change. Sandalwood powder, turmeric powder, kumkum (vermilion), camphor, and different kinds of flowers and plants are a few typical constituents.
Benefits and Features
•It is thought to have purifying and cleansing powers and is created from a combination of organic components such as herbs, spices, and flowers.
•During worship, pooja powder is often applied to the deity's statue or image as well as the devotee's hands and forehead.
•Especially,It is thought to improve one's whole spiritual experience, cleanse the atmosphere, and fight off evil spirits.
•Besides being used in religious ceremonies, pooja powder also serves as a natural home scent.
•It is frequently sprinkled on thresholds and doorways or mixed with water to make a fragrant cleaner for floors and other surfaces.
•In general, pooja powder plays a significant role in Indian tradition and culture and is used to improve both the spiritual and physical health of the person while any individual involves in pooja or puja.