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Vivekacudamani - English

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Despite having 581 exquisite poems in the original book, there is a great deal of theme repetition. There are 108 chosen poems in this book that cover every subject covered in the original Vivekacudamani.

A passage from the book:

Vivekacudamani is addressed to those who have a desire for the ultimate ''purusartha"" called ""moksa""; what is desired as an end to be accomplished by a person, ""purusa"" is ''purusartha"". Among the many ends that a person goes after, freedom from insecurity and inadequacy is fundamental. This freedom is called ""moksa"".

About the Author:

Swami Dayananda Saraswati identifies as a traditional Vedic teacher. His lessons shed light on the deepest truth, which is both highly contemporary and deeply ingrained in tradition. He is one of those rare teachers who can explain things so clearly that his students are enthralled as he reinforces ideas, definitions, and facts. His writings are the most valuable examples of Advaita Vedanta still in existence because of their flawless reasoning, astute analysis, erudition, exact use of language, and innocent humor.