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Vishnu Charan Paduka - 2.5 Inches | Copper Plate/ Vishnu Padham for Pooja/ 20 Gms Approx

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2.5 in


0.02 kg

• With our gorgeous vishnu charan paduka, which is made from pure copper, you can experience heavenly grace.
• The elaborate plate, which is highly revered for its spiritual importance, has the holy Vishnu Charan Paduka, which represents the divine footprint of Lord Vishnu. 
• Exquisitely carved, the Vishnu Charan Paduka exudes a serene, devotional aura that beckons those who wish to lose themselves in the heavenly vibration.
• Hindu texts typically describe Lord Vishnu's feet as looking like lotus blossoms. The lotus highlights the holy attributes that Lord Vishnu embodies and is a symbol of purity, beauty, and spiritual enlightenment.
• This vishnu paduka work of art captures the feeling of spirituality and devotion in every well-thought-out detail. With the highest devotion and cleanliness, rituals and prayers are performed through the Vishnu Padham plate. 
• Its glossy copper finish denotes purity and auspiciousness in addition to enhancing its aesthetic appeal.
• As per the Hindu religion, there are two ways to achieve redemption (moksha) and break free from the cycle of life and death (samsara): giving up control to Vishnu Padam and taking shelter in the sacred foot of Lord Vishnu.
• Whether utilized for routine devotion or on special occasions, this Vishnu Padham plate reflects spirituality and tradition, encouraging a closer relationship with God.
• With the help of this classic piece, you can elevate your spiritual practices and create a sacred atmosphere in your home or place of worship.
• Allow Lord Vishnu's divine presence to fill your environment and fill your life with blessings, tranquility, and prosperity.